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August 26, 2010

Back from the Quebec country-side

Finally, back to modern world, with an internet access :) We spent couple of days in Parc Jacques-Cartier, one of numerous natural parcs here (

Nature was amazing...

DSC00265 DSC00278

Animals were cute…

DSC00225 DSC00232 DSC00287

the team was motivated…

DSC00283 DSC00289

… enough to spend hours hiking and canoeing :)


We are now writing in a superliner bus to Toronto with a difficult wifi signal… so we will post more once we arrive! Take care all!

August 20, 2010

First day in Montreal

Sorry for writing in French (in fact, in Quebecois…) but the way they speak French here is so funny that I have to share it with my compatriots (Even the Belgium can be jalous the way they speak :D). Well, décalage horaire surmonté, on va magasiner l’après-midi pour trouver des flipflops…


… puis on répond à la très gentille invitation de Céline et on part dejeuner (le soir!) chez elle et Claire, avec nos hôtes, pour jaser un peu


Après ça, sans char, on part pour les foufounes électriques, mais le line-up nous a tanné… on a donc terminé dans un bar portugais ^^… la parté était pas plate du tout, tabernacle! Ce matin, on est quand même un peu magané là, mais on a bien crampé :p


August 18, 2010

Day 1 - London

To start the trip at the right pace, first evening at the musical “The Lion King”. Really worth seeing it, even if Simba has an indian accent… :)



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August 4, 2010

Top 10 places we will NOT go to

Some of them we will only miss by a few hundred kilometers, some of them we might see only from the plane. For sure these are all fantastic places, which are worth another visit at another time. Here are the top 10 places we will NOT go to, in no particular order.

Bolivia – Salar de Uyuni (photo Szymon Kochański)

Ecuador – Galapagos islands (photo Chris Willis)

Chile - Easter island (photo vtveen)

India - Taj Mahal (photo Christopher Chan)

Antarctica (photo Martha de Jong-Lantink)

Chile - Atacama desert (photo Houston Marsh)

Amazonia (photo Daniel Zanini H.)

Hong Kong (photo Steve Webel)

Peru - Nazca lines (photo Steve Taylor)

Peru – Lake Titicaca (photo Andrew Miller)