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About us

In August 2010 we will step on board of a Boeing 777 to cross the Atlantic and begin our one-year-long journey around the globe. We have been planning this trip for more than a year and now we are ready to take off.

This blog serves as our travel journal, we will post mostly in English, but occasionally you will find Hungarian and French posts as well.

Important facts about us

  • Paul and Adam first met in 2004, in Madrid
  • Since then we have visited 17 countries throughout Europe
  • During this time we suffered 3 car tire punctures, but no one got hurt
  • Paul's favorite city is Prague
  • Adam's favorite city is Lisbon
  • Together we speak 7 languages and can curse at least in another 7
  • Adam carried Paul on his back when he was bitten by stray dogs in Romania (this is actually not true, but a great movie idea!)