Greatest Photos


FundaciĆ³n Mariposas Amarillas - Volunteer in the Caribbean coast of Colombia
Mariposas Amarillas ('yellow butterflies' in Spanish) is a small Colombian grassroots organization committed to supporting disadvantaged children and families around Santa Marta, Colombia. They provide services (education, workshops, recreation), supplies and information on nutrition, education, and childcare to families in Santa Marta’s under-served neighborhoods.

Aldea Yanapay - Volunteer in Cusco, Peru, near the ruins of Machupicchu
Aldea Yanapay is an after-school center for disadvantaged kids living in Cusco, Peru. You can volunteer with the kids, helping with homework, arts and crafts, English studies, and lots of other tasks related to the general running of the center. It’s also possible to help out at the organization-owned cafe and hostel. The organization is lead by our friend "chuski" Yuri.

Alex “El pirata” from Barcelona.
Alex navigated his pirate ship successfully all across South America. During 10 months of traveling he lost 15 kilos, but gained a lot of friendships and a unique tattoo:) Even though he talks a lot of crap and he calls us Champaign backpackers, we still like him:)

Eunjung “La Koreana” from Seoul.
She travelled extensively in South America and Europe. She is a master of tango, dances better than many Argentine do:) She is loved and appreciated by all the bedbugs and insects of South America. We crossed her roads in Cuzco, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, and of course her homeland, Korea. We didn’t try her pancakes but the instant Korean noodles were great:)

Gabor Csonka, alias Vandorboy
Gabor, the most traveled Hungarian backpacker, traveled to more than 126 countries. Mostly on low budget and hitch-hiking. He runs an extensive blog, and organizes trips, mostly to fellow Hungarians. Kudos!