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July 18, 2010

One month to go

With only one more month to go until our trip starts, it is time to fill the pages of this blog. As you might know Paul and I are planning to travel around the World for one year. During our trip we will be traveling to Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Kazakhstan and Russia. For a more detailed itinerary you can check the 'Route' section of this blog.

During our travel we plan to update this site at least once a week with our adventures and impressions, or whenever we find something useful to share. We will also upload photos and videos on the way. Not only we will be traveling, but we will be volunteering in Colombia and Peru and would like to share those experiences as well.

We hope you will enjoy reading the columns of this blog as much as we enjoy writing it, and if you have any questions, comments, tips, words of warning, hey, let us know!


  1. Good luck guys!!!
    Have fun and puyol ;)

  2. Boa Sorte Adam,
    Um abraço desde Portugal!
    Pedro Oliveira

  3. Hi Adam

    just to wish you the best luck with everything... For sure it will be a great big adventure throughout the world, for sure more exciting than swimming some miles till the Peach Tree island in Portugal :) I remembered it when I was on that beach again in the other day...

    Take care and have fun dude...

  4. Hi Paul!
    Nice blog :) I'll try to keep myself up-dated with the latest news...and of course I'll be waiting for u here when you both arrive in Lima-Peru. Can't wait to show you around!
    Espero verte pronto!
    Gros bisous

  5. Wow! Since my childhood I like to travel with adventures! And I dream to travel around the World!Paul, I have so spirits rose from your news! I am very happy for you and with all my heart I wish you good luck! Light and Love to you! With pleasure I will monitor the site! Kisses! Vita (Skarlet).

  6. Good Luck on the way :-) dont forget, never open the window on the plane! :-))

  7. Salut Paul!

    wow, 3 jours!!! je te souhaites plein de belles decouvertes. c'est super ton blog, bonne idee, on reste en contact.

    gros bisous,