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September 27, 2010

Canyons, Canyons, Canyons

On our way to Cancun, via Miami, we are catching up with the blog update ^^ So these are some shots of our road trip through California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

The first canyon, Bryce, was a surprise for us. Not as well-known and touristic than Grand Canyon, but top-ranked among the locals, Bryce Canyon is a small but amazing place to see beauties from Mother Earth. The classified “best 3-mile hike in the world” (we didn’t hike the whole world yet, so we cannot confirm :p) offers awesome views on the multi-colour limestones.

DSC01368 DSC01361

DSC01345 DSC01388

Then, we left Utah to move to Antelope Canyon/Lake Powell, the county of Indians Navajo! They are pretty well mixed with white-americans, holding bars and opening indian casinos (special regulation!). Partying among indians was a great fun :)


DSC01451 DSC01512

And, last but not least, Grand Canyon, the most famous one. Surprisingly, not the nicest, but the most impressive by its size. There are two main accesses, the North Rim, and the South one for people coming from LA & Vegas. The south part is therefore the most touristic, busy... it has a trail going down to Colorado river (2 days required, if you don’t want to pay $2’500 for a lift in the safety helicopter at sunset…). We found the nicest spot and hike on the North Rim, definitely the one to chose for a tour.

DSC01587 DSC01610

Unfortunately, the photos do not reflect this gigantic space… it’s a place to see through your own eyes ;)

This road trip was quite a drive… around 3’000 miles, 4’800 kilometers, 45 hours on the road, during 12 days… our little Nissan Versa suffered !


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