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September 6, 2010

Quebec, Montreal, or Toronto ?

Sunday, September the 5th, we are in a plane connecting Chicago to San Francisco. Buses and flights give us definitely some time to update the blog offline :)

So what do you think about these 3 cities we visited in Canada ?

Well, Quebec is a small size city, with more “canadians” than the others. Its medieval character, pedestrian street, smaller size, cultural events make it a great place to live… in summer time. We just got testimonies of winter time, but with the Saint Laurent river in the city, it seems you’d better be equipped for the winter time…

Montreal is a new city, with 60% of expatriates. Bigger, more traffic, less cultural events, but still a charming cities. Green areas, night life, shopping streets reflects totally Montreal. However, this impressive underground network of stores to avoid going out in winter make me thing that the cold is not much better than Quebec :)

Toronto, even if it is supposed to be the newest city, as a strong personnality. More dirty, more chaotic, more districts (little italy, chinatown, portuguese village, korean village…), more ethnies…  it’s a melting pot… a smaller New-york version Canada.

So finally, Adam and I would vote for Toronto… but we need to post asap on Chicago… an awesome city!

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