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September 14, 2010

Stayin alive in Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is a land of extremities. Not only it is the largest national park in the USA, but it is the lowest point under sea level in the western hemisphere, and one of the hottest places on Earth. The record temperature ever measured was 57 degrees Celsius, but we were lucky to have some mild 44 C (111 F) temperatures. Due to the big distances and the lack of mobile phone coverage, it can be pretty funky if your car breaks down or runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. As a matter of fact, we had some hot moments running on the last drops of fuel at one point:)

Some car manufacturers are actually using the Valley to test upcoming car models in extreme conditions, so it is not rare to see an unknown branded car shielded with black cover cruising up and down on the motor roads.
The Valley also features an Inn and a ranch to stay at. The Inn is closed down during the hot months of summer, but we had the luck to stay at the ranch. Probably it is the only place in the world where no matter how you operate the taps in the bathroom, you will end up with striking hot water.

Death Valley is a must if you travel nearby, but it is not for the faint hearted. During the summer take lots of water with you, buy a cool cowboy hat, and never leave your car if it breaks down: it is the only shadow you will have:) Ah, and don't try to fry an egg on the top of your car, we tried, it didn't work:)

DSC01084 DSC01101

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  1. Try to fry it on the motor next time.
    It will work ;)

  2. maybe some scrambled eggs are easier, no :) ?

  3. the motor was not horizontal enough and i didnt want to pay the car rental company an extra "fried-egg-on-hood" surcharge:)

  4. kellett volna egy nagyító :)
    nagyon állat, hogy így nyomon lehet követni, merre jársz!