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October 6, 2010

Los Angeles: home of illusions and dreams

Los Angeles is a huge city and the public transportation is not very good or rational. To get around to different neighborhoods you will need a lot of time or a sexy Ford Mustang:) The downtown features a great city hall with a free observation platform, some architectural curiosities, a lively market and a cool public library. Not as cool as the one of Amsterdam though:) The Hollywood Universal studio visit offers great entertainment for the kids for all day, but it’s kind of overpriced and offers much less insight to the world of the silver screen than it could. Venice is cute and hippie and all but virtually empty after sunset, Santa Monica has some nice bars and a pier, but the best beaches you will find in Malibu. It is a scenic drive to get to Malibu and it is almost as good as driving from Lisbon to Cascais on the marginal and then further to Guincho;)

During our stay we have met a number of interesting people, most of them somehow involved in the movie industry and offered us an insight of LA life. One thing is for sure, and the locals I asked agreed: you have to be a little crazy to live in LA:)


IMG_9140 IMG_9024 IMG_9000 DSC02048


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  1. ahaa...

    Nice comparison of the costal drive from Lisbon to Cascais. I might add that something like Menton to Saint-Rapahël is quite spetacular also (but long...)

    Have fun in the Americas