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October 16, 2010


Xcaret is one of the most popular destinations near Cancun. It offers a full day entertainment for all the family, and while it is slightly overpriced, great food and a charming show at the end of the day makes the park worth a visit. Some recommendations before the photos: There are two underground river routes. We took one of them and it was probably the crappiest thing in the park, stay away from it. If you are good in snorkeling, don't go for the sea-trek thing, as you see the same thing with snorkel for free. If you have a bottle of coke with you and the park guards don't see it, feed the fish underwater with some, they will love you more. The life guards will not let you snorkel in the open sea, but the bays offer plenty of fish to see anyway.

IMG_9885 IMG_9902IMG_9954 IMG_9914  IMG_0035 IMG_0091

IMG_0143 IMG_0193 IMG_0283IMG_0391IMG_0319 IMG_0373 IMG_0438 IMG_0417  IMG_0448

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