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November 9, 2010

Caribbean–English dictionary

After spending a few weeks examining the behavior of the Caribbean mankind, and observing that truth here is almost always half-truth, we hereby make the first steps to create a comprehensive Caribbean-English dictionary for the benefit of the visitors to this area. Following you will find commonly used expressions and their most likely explanations.

pickup service at your hotel at 9am – if you call the agency at 8.30, they will be surprised that you exist, but if you call again later, they will send someone at 9.40 to lead you to the main street a couple of blocks away and push you on a bus

drop-off service at your hotel – …they will bring you back to the same city

rapid boat service – normally it is rapid, but to fix the engine they have to make a 30 minute stop, nevertheless it is a good opportunity to make new friends with your fellow travellers

lunch included – …there will be rice

there is internet – …if you search for it in the McDonalds right next to the hotel

twin beds – this can be any number of beds from 1 to 8

hot water – …on a first come, first serve basis

bilingual guide – speaks Spanish and Castellano

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