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December 22, 2010

Iguaçu, Iguazu, Iguassu

The Portuguese, the Spanish and the English spelling. Nevertheless, they all refer to the same place: the waterfalls on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, one of the new natural wonder candidates of the World. If you have seen Niagara, you have seen nothing! The falls are massive and it takes two days to see both the Argentine and the Brazilian side.

We started on the Brazilian side. The falls can be visited in a few hours, and you will only get wet at one place. Next day in the morning we crossed to the Argentine side. The city itself is smaller and poorer than the Brazilian side: the old cars and the poor conditions even reminded us to that of Peru. The waterfalls themselves are more spectacular from the Argentine side: you can spend a whole day wandering around, making photos, taking a speedboat trip to feel the power of the waters right in your face.

Let the images talk for themselves.



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