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January 23, 2011

Uruguay: a brief visit to Colonia

The city of Colonia is just a few hours boat trip from Buenos Aires across the Rio Plata. The cheapest and worst way to get there is via the boats of Colonia Express. They advertise a cross of two hours, and after being one hour late at the departure, they manage to pick up another one hour delay at the crossing, so all together it takes 4 hours. When questioned, they blame it on the “unusually strong front wind” that day. Nevertheless the return journey is not any shorter.

Anyway we finally made it to the little city of Colonia, which offers a number of museums, a lighthouse, a port and some touristic restaurants. On a sunny day it is a nice daytrip, and if you want to submerge into the history how Portuguese and Spanish were fighting hard for this little piece of land, the museums are explaining all. Being a sunny day we skipped the museums and took a dip into the river instead. Even though the river is called Silver River (Rio Plata), in reality it is pretty much brown and muddy everywhere, on the Uruguayan side it is less polluted, so all the folks are cooling down in its cool waters.


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