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February 21, 2011

The first hospital visit

So one would think that the New Year’s Eve celebrations kicked me out so much that I ended up in hospital, but it is only half-truth:) In fact, during the night of the celebration a little insect bite on my heal turned into a big blister, and despite having no fever or other symptoms, I considered it is worth paying a visit to the nearby urgencia of Universidade Catolica (de Chile of course).

My mother always says: “If you don’t know what is your illness, don’t go to the doctor, because they won’t know it either”. It was kind of true in this case as well. None of the medics had the faintest of the idea what happened to me, so they just cut open my blister, cleaned it, put bandage on it, and told me to go back on the next day to meet the tropical diseases specialist. The tropical diseases specialist next day was just as smart as the other ones. No fever, no illness, discharged.