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February 21, 2011


To be honest we arrived to Chile with a bit of a preconception. As Argentine and Peruvian do not really like the chilenos in general, this mood was sticking to us in the previous weeks and months. Very soon turned out that there is no place for worries, Chilean people are great and we were very welcome to their country.

We were scheduled to arrive to Valparaiso on the 30th of December to get involved in the fireworks (one of the greatest of the Americas) and the legendary parties of New Year’s Eve. The operation is not that simple as millions of people are heading from Santiago to Valparaiso at this time of the year so the roads are jammed and the buses are overscheduled, but we made it anyway.


On the night of the new year we took a little boat to watch the fireworks from the water, had a few glasses of champagne onboard with the other passengers, then headed back to the port, where hundreds of thousands of people celebrated on the streets, taking champagne, pisco, or whatever made them happy. It was a great night!


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