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March 26, 2011

Heat wave in Sydney

Six consecutive days of 30+ degrees Celsius. A thing that had not happened in the past 150 years in the history of Sydney, but occurred during our visit.

The city was generally nice and clean, and after New Zealand we were not surprised any more by the presence of many Asians. Thanks to them there is a great variety of food, not only the standard fish n chips or the local Burger King which is called Hungry Jack at this part of the World.

The bay bridge and the opera house are probably the most impressive parts of the city, they just want to be photographed day and night:)


The monorail is quite useless for real transportation and is funnily overpriced. The price of two tickets is 9.80, and since the credit card payment limit is 10 AUD, you will need to buy an extra lollipop from the cashier in order to be able to pay. (Note: they only sell tickets and the lollipop, nothing else)

To get out from the city, you can do a daytrip to the Blue Mountains. They are not really blue and not really mountains, Green Canyons would be a much more appropriate naming. Nevertheless just for the world’s steepest railway it is worth once a visit:)


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