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March 3, 2011

Lima for the second time: still full of surprises

We happened to have a few days of layover in Lima and the luck to enjoy the hospitality of Vane and her family again. We have been invited to the fiesta de la negraria, which is a celebration held yearly, and the main spectacular is the men dancing around ringing a bell with one hand, wearing devil-like black masks. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to participate a bit:)


We have also visited the grandiose fountain park of Lima (Circuito magico del agua) and we didn’t stay dry at all:)


Culinary speaking we have tried the best anticucho (cow-heart) of the country in the Panchita restaurant, the best ceviche in the “El Rey” cevicheria in the market, and the best Lomo saltado in Hikari. We have also discovered the cremolada, which is a mix of different fruits and ice, something like the acai in Brazil, but more variety.


The last night we also made a huge Peruvian-Hungarian-French dinner, with causa, crepes, tres leches, goulash and more crepes. All drained down with home made chicha morada and Chilean wine. Needless to say we were already full after the appetizers:)


Oh, and by the way, I had my hair cut:)


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  1. Fun!! That dance is hilarious! and the fountain looks awesome :D Yum Ceviche! Looks like a great fam to have host u :)