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May 30, 2011

The Balinese calendar

The Balinese calendar is a complex, 210 day calendar, but it’s not that interesting.
What is interesting, that according to their belief, every activity should be performed on some designated “lucky days” each month. Let’s take a close look what the recommendation was for February!


  1. You have to try to understand. Everything is connected. On the 25th you go hunting, you propose a girl and you plant a fruit tree.

    When you propose a girl you're hunting, and you're planting the seeds of your future generation

    Take care my friend

  2. Thanks for the explanation:) I wonder if there is ever a good day to get married:)

  3. Thank you for your interesting post!
    Out of curiosity what is the name of the book from you photo?
    I hope there is a good day to get married rather than the 'x'!

  4. Hi JPP,

    The page comes not from a book, but from a kind of local touristic guide from the Ubud region. It only contained february, so I dont know about the other months:)