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May 22, 2011


IMG_7634Although Paul is still roaming around somewhere in Asia, our round-the-world trip as we know it has came to its end. A lot of interesting stuff is still about to come on this blog, so make sure you keep coming back, but in this post I would like to thank all of you who helped us throughout our journey.

Firstly I would like to thank my travel mate, Paul, for putting up with me for so long. We have spent nearly 9 months together 24/7, and against all odds, we are still very good friends:)

Second, I am grateful for my mum, my family, Yure, Zsolt and all my friends back home. No matter which time zone we were travelling in, they were always there to help us or cheer us up.

Special thanks to those friends, who shared their homes with us. They not only helped us reduce our costs, but gave a precious insight of the life of the locals. Fruzsi and Jonathan in Montreal, Detti, Raza, Mehmet and Oliver in Toronto, Val and Theron in Chicago, Kim in Las Vegas, Kahlier in Los Angeles, Alma in Cancun, Karina and Talina in Merida, Carolyn and her family in Lima, Vanessa, Alme and their family in Lima, Ricardo in Ica, Verica and Simone in Sao Paulo, Julius in Salvador, Belen in Cordoba, Sonia in Buenos Aires, Andras and Agi in Gisborne, Andrew and his family near Auckland, Hans in Sydney, Sharon in Puerto Princesa, Boris and his family in Jakarta, Arendt, Ankit and Thomas in Singapore, Mimmi in Bangkok, Rudi in Qingdao. Thank you all for your amazing hospitality, don't forget to visit us one day!

Thanks to all the friends and fellow travelers we met on the road. We have shared a lot of adventures and smiles and we have received a number of priceless tips and recommendations from you. I hope to see all of you somewhere around this Globe!

Special thanks for all of you, who have donated money either to get a postcard from us, buy us a beer, or for our T-shirt game with Aldea Yanapay. My brother, Tamas, Katalin, Arnaud, Vincent, Michael, Katie, Zoltan, Karina, Joao. Thank you all for your support and generosity!

Thanks to all the readers who were following and commenting our blog.

Thank you for the volunteering organizations of Mariposas Amarillas and Aldea Yanapay. Oscar, Yuri and the fellow volunteers over there showed us how little it can take to make a difference in the life of children less fortunate than most of us. We hope we can help them again in the future.

Thanks for the technology that made our trip feasible. Internet, wi-fi, cell phones, google, couchsurfing, wikitravel, etc. Imagine, only 15 years ago this trip would have been much more difficult to organize and carry out!

Last but not least I would like to thank Mother Nature for taking a good care of us and keeping us healthy. Despite the incidents that happened around us, we circled around this beautiful Globe in one piece and good humor…just to see how many things we actually haven’t seen yet…

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