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June 23, 2013

Day 11: Bula, Fiji!


IMG_2367After a 10 hour flight from LA to Fiji, we were ready to discover this remote part of the world. Fiji consists of two big islands and a number of small islands around them. Apart from the main islands, the small islands mostly have beach resorts, where you have to stay a minimum of 3 nights normally. Some people even do “resort hopping” between them. We opted for the Waya island belonging to the Yasawa group of islands, which has a resort called Octopus.

We received a warm welcome from the Fijians, who sang and played music on the beach when we arrived. Generally Fijians are very friendly and always full of smiles. One word for sure every visitor will learn is “bula”. This means “hi” in Fijian, but they use it so often and so happily that it gets burnt into every tourist brain. Before landing on the resort island, the captain of the boat tells us the only important thing to survive here: “Don’t forget to say bula! No bula, no lunch!”.

The rest of the day we spent mostly on the beach and in our bungalow (called “bure”), enjoying “Fiji time”, which roughly means take a rest and don’t worry.


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