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June 6, 2013

Day 2: Arriving to Chicago

Virgin Atlantic flight number VS39 took us over from London to Chicago. The flight was around 8.5 hours long, but the in-flight entertainment system should have had kept us occupied. Should have, but this one was seriously from the 1980s. The ones who were lucky enough to have their systems failing permanently, got a portable DVD player. A bit before landing, the captain announced 11ºC/ 56ºF local temperature and we didn’t want to believe our ears. We were not prepared for such a bad weather, all our warm clothes were in Germany, where they belonged :P

After a short train ride from the airport, we met our couchsurfing hosts: Tony, Stephanie and their dog Hitch. They were in the middle of some garden grilling, although it was way too cold to stay outside.


In the evening we took a Metra train to downtown to enjoy the city a little bit, even though our jetlagged brains clocked way past midnight. Being Sunday, the city was absolutely empty and almost no pedestrians could be seen.


Looking for refuge we headed to sample Chicago’s most famous dish, the deep dish pizza, at Lou Manati’s. This is the place recommended by everyone. They don’t have many kinds of toppings, but it is worth a try.


Next day we had to see the best of Chicago, so we headed home and fell to bed.

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