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September 30, 2013

Day 18: Sentosa and the Marina Bay Sands

We started our second morning in Singapore packing again. This time we needed only our swimsuits and our pajamas because we were going to spend the night in the Marina Bay Sands complex. A room in the world´s most expensive standalone casino property was waiting for us and so were the views from its rooftop infinity pool.

To start the day properly Huang took us to have a typical Singaporean breakfast. I had two delicious Kaya toasts, bread with coconut custard jam and butter, (worth to give it a try) accompanied with some eggs that, supposedly, had to be cooked in a jar with hot water. Of course, when I cracked them they were no cooked at all and I couldn't avoid putting a funny face causing Huang to burst into laughs. I think he will never forget me because of that. Adam had some Japanese Noodle soup with Milo (typical Singaporean drink that is basically milk and chocolate powder).


With our bellies full of food, we headed to Sentosa. In this other post Adam explains what you can find there. Of course, we updated the pictures on the tip of the famous palm tree and we had a sandwich in one of the bars next to the beach.


After the beach, it was time to go and check our hotel room at the MBS. We had booked the room three months before and we were really disappointed when they wanted to give us a room on the second floor of one of the towers and without bay view. Luckily, Adam started complaining and we quickly got upgraded, still no bay view but we would be staying in a room on the 19th floor of the middle tower that happened to be a Junior Suite. It was incredible! The room was bigger than our flat in Munich. We had our own soundproofed TV-room, a big bathtub, a huge bed, a living room with an American kitchen and two small balconies. We didn't have bay view but we could admire the incredible Gardens that, contrary to what Adam wrote in his old post, had been recently built behind the complex.


A quick shower and some pictures later, we went to have dinner with two friends of Adam: Karyn and Mable. We had a pizza in a restaurant with live music but, since we couldn't hear each other and since we had two extra passes for the infinity pool, we decided to head back to the hotel and spent the rest of the night there. We enjoyed the swimming pool, its views, the cool water and the chats with the girls. Good night Singapore, see you tomorrow!


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