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June 13, 2013

Day 5: Vegas

After a good night sleep we headed to the airport to pick up our rent a car. Coupled with a second hand GPS that we recently obtained from Amazon, we were invincible. No place was unreachable any more.

We started our casino tour on the beginning of the strip, in Luxor and Excalibur. We had lunch with Kim in the Venetian and we were ready to gamble! Contrary to the gossips that I put Yure’s salary on the red, I was purely gambling with my own money! :) I quickly lost 60 bucks at the blackjack tables and accompanied Yure to the slot machines to give her support in the confusing world of fruits and stars and bonuses. No need to say, after an initial successful cash out of 2 dollars (beginner’s luck! :) ), she slowly but steadily lost. It was time to leave Vegas, but just before leaving we had to see the wedding chapels.


We drove down till the little white wedding chapel, which is possibly the most famous of them all. Some years ago it has been enabled to facilitate drive-thru weddings for the handicapped and for the ones who are way too drunk to get their ass out of the car to say their oaths. A wedding here costs around 150 dollars at minimum, and takes an average of 8 minutes. According to Jerry, a guy who works there, the busiest day was the 7th July, 2007. That day only they carried out 800 weddings. Jerry never got married himself. He says he doesn’t take work home.


Leaving Vegas behind it was time to hit the road and conquer the 270 miles of mostly straight asphalt stretch between Vegas and Los Angeles. We arrived around 8 in the evening, took a short trip to Hollywood Boulevard and headed back to our place to prepare for the next day.