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June 13, 2013

Day 6: Los Angeles

In the morning we headed back to Hollywood Boulevard, we had an American style breakfast (pancakes and French toast) at Mel’s drive in, then we were ready to see the stars. We didn’t have the opportunity to see the boulevard last time with Paul, and it was a little bit different from our expectations. In fact, the street is quite dirty and a lot of bums are hanging around day and night. The entry to the Chinese Theater, where the famous hand and footprints are, was closed down, because Jackie Chan was arriving to some kind of event.


After the Hollywood stars we headed over to see the tar pits and the LACMA museum. The tar pits were surrounded by police, because they were searching for evidence inside. Apparently someone dumped into the pit a gun or something, and poor police divers were to find it. With the visibility of zero in the thick tar they had absolutely no chance.


In the afternoon we visited the Farmer’s market and The Grove. The Spanish bar at farmer’s market was showing Barca playing, so we stayed for a while. The open air stage of the Grove was hosting a show with a guy who is called Mario Lopez and is apparently famous. OK, ok, Yure knew him!


In the evening we visited Venice beach. The part where the canals are with little houses is beautiful and worth to walk around. The beach itself is a little bit junkie, and like 3 years ago we already experienced, completely dead after 7 PM.



  1. Traveling again? :) Oh Dear!!!
    You remind me the brave portuguese navigators who discovered the world, or perhaps the greatest portuguese poet (you know who is, cause you have a big book of his master piece) that spent a big part of his life travelling in the East...

    A huge hug my friend...
    fulfil your dreams!!

    PS: Still haven't received any post card since my last donation :)

  2. Dude, send my your address in post or fb, because I dont have it from last time!