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June 15, 2013

Day 7: Drive down to Malibu

Day 7 was supposed to be sunny, because we rented a Chevy Camaro convertible just for this day. We were out of luck, because it was the only day during our LA visit which had absolutely no sunshine, but nevertheless we made it to it’s fullest.


We started the day at the Santa Monica Pier. This is the end point of the famous route 66, coming straight from Chicago. Maybe one day we will do the historic drive, but this time we just checked in in the beginning and at the end of the route due to the lack of time.


After Santa Monica we took the Pacific Coast highway to drive down to Malibu. There were quite some cops on the way, one was particularly interested in our license plate, which simply stated “Beverly Hills”. How cool is that, if they catch us speeding, they will never track us down:) Nevertheless, it is quite useless to have a muscle car in the USA. It is awesome to drive, to get the V8 engine scream up during a couple of meters’ acceleration, but after all, driving more than 100 miles per hour is considered a felony and you might find yourself in prison.


In the evening we met Kahlier, Frank and Mike to see the new Star Trek movie in the Grove and had some drinks after at Frank’s place.


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