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October 21, 2013

Day 23: And that’s all folks... for now

Landing in London Heathrow is not so exciting any more when you know that some hours later you will be taking another flight that will bring you back to reality. My mood was getting worse and worse every hour, Adam started thinking about his job again and suddenly we were at home, unpacking and getting ready to continue with our life.


It has been an incredible trip. A trip full of new countries, new cities, new people, new cultures, new flavors, new smells and, above all, new experiences that we´ve loved to share with you all.

Thanks to Tony and Stef for hosting us in Chicago, to Aida and Will for letting us sleep in their guestroom in Los Angeles, to Karen and her son to be patient with our comings and goings to and from Hong Kong and to Huang and Noah for sharing their flat with us in Singapore. Also a big thank you to Kim for spoiling us in Las Vegas, to Kahlier, Frank and Mike for the fun in Los Angeles and thank you Ankitt, Arendt, Mable and Karyn for spending some time with us after work in Singapore. We hope to see you again guys!

We also would like to thank our families and friends for being there all the time and, especially, we would like to thank Mireia and Robin for kind of postponing their wedding so that we could be there.

And well, thank you Adam for being there no matter what. It´s been a pleasure and I hope we can continue for a long, long time this never ending adventure that we started together some time ago.

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