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February 3, 2014

And... we are back!

With January already behind us, we are starting to plan trips for this year. Really? Where are you going? When? How? For how long? Will you visit us? Well, well, my impatient readers... why don´t we just start from the beginning? ;)

Although we will be also traveling to some of our favorite destinations, our main goal for this 2014 is to travel to the European countries where none of us have been yet. Of course, the number is bigger in my case than in Adam´s but I think we will manage. Until now, we have already two winners, four candidates and some other "always go back" destinations.

Do you want to know? Then... Guess it!! :)

In May we will be here:

Found the picture here
And maybe also here:

Found the picture here
In June we will be visiting our friend Paul here:

Found the picture here
And we will visit Adam´s favorite country:

Found the picture here
In July we would love to visit:

Found the picture here
And we will be going somewhere that I cannot tell you because it would spoil a surprise ;)

In September we would like to go here:

Or here:

And of course, we will keep on visiting our families here:

And here:


So, how was it? Could you guess the cities and countries without clicking on the Link below the pic? Let us know in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. Woowww!! Ok, firt pic I dont Know where is it but looks like, Italy??… Maybe!..
    Second one is from Dam Plaza in Amsterdam?… I think so..!
    In June you will stay in Moscou!! Woooow amazing!
    Adam's favorite country maybe is somewhere in Croatia… or Grece?
    In July I have not idea where is it!!
    In september, maybe is Finland?? Aurora Boreal…? and next pic it's Istambul for shire! no??

    And then Barcelona!!! Lovely city! and Budapest of course!

    Big kises my traveler friends!!!